The “Oculus” brings forward a contemporary vision of our deepest fears – timelessness, the mysteries of life and death, the unknowable. As the viewer explores the space the passing of light conveys the natural cycle of corporal decomposition: rebirth through transformation into earthly nourishment. Humans, as earthly beings, cannot avoid this conflict with nature and death. In contrast, the multi-dimensional, fractal imagery of the stained-glass panel invokes the spiritual essence of the soul and its ability to transcend the physical debt. 
 This site-specific work is an allegory of the human connection with nature. It establishes a bridge with the human body and math that appears in nature. The Oculus invites one to have a deeper contemplation of our universe, and to shift one’s perception of reality.
picture by Nadia Bautista @misscomplejo
Lincoln Center's Studio visit pictures by Lawrence Sumulong
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