Valeria Divinorum’s work specializes in stained-glass sculptural objects which she uses as a lens to experiment with the intangible properties of light. She has a deep interest in exploring the optical perception of space through traditional and new media techniques, creating dispersion of light into spectral components. Her practice embodies light, shadows, geometry and translates symbolism from ancient cultures into contemporary creations, finding new forms relating to spatial interaction by the interpenetration of space into one single sculpture. 
Valeria Divinorum is a Queens based visual artist and architect with formal training from the school of Architecture in Buenos Aires. She has attended residencies in Argentina and the US and has created works for a variety of contexts including galleries, urban space, live performances and site-specific installations. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Computer Art and Urban Studies at La Guardia CC, Queens NY.  Recent exhibitions include Paradice Palase (Brooklyn, NY), Rear Vision (Madrid, Spain), Bangkok Biennale (Bangkok, Thailand), The Holocenter, (LIC, NY) and Modern Love (New York, NY). She has created light-based sculptural installations at The Plaxall Gallery (Queens, NY) El Matienzo (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Flux Factory (LIC, NY), The Wassaic Project (Wassaic, NY) and others.  In 2013 she started her research in the process of Tiffany technique and the principles of sacred geometry with her mentor, Andres Jacob at Taller Escuela del Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a member of the collective Salvia Divinorum. Press for her work includes NY Post, Stir, 440 Gallery,, Under the Bridge Magazine, among others. She has a passion for creating works for the public and with the public, to embrace connectedness and democratize art making for people in our community.
Portrait by J Triangular 
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