Master Degree in Architecture and Urban Studies at the University of Belgrano - Bs.As.
Art Residencies 
Lehman College Art Gallery 
 Artist in Residency - Public Schools and Senior Centers of The Bronx

 Mural Painting at I.S. 181 - Middle School, Co-op City
Digital media & visual arts Summer Program for The Bronx Institute at Fordham University
Mosaic Mural at Bronx Bridges High School
Mosaic Mural at PS 340 - SPED  

Mural Painting at PS 340 - SPED 
Online Art Residency at Bronx Works - Senior Center
Online Family Engagement program at PS 340
Online after-school Program - Arts & Crafts at PS 340
Online Art Residency at 
Ampark Neighborhood School

Flux Factory – Long Island City, NY
 Collaboration at 10th Annual Art Auction at Hunter College's MFA gallery, December 2016
Art Show E.M.B.C.L exhibit at the Flux Factory Art Gallery, Long Island City, March 2017
Parade Artist at Flux-A-Thon Fundraiser event the at Plaxall Gallery, NY- June 2017
Collaboration for Masked Marvelous at Material for the Arts, Long Island City, NY, October 2016
 Parade Team Leader at Flux-A-Thon Fundraiser event the at Plaxall Gallery, NY- June 2018

The Wassaic Artist Residency- Amenia, New York
October’s Art residency for Haunted Mill & Monster’s Ball’ art Installation “Trans-Funeral”

La Paternal Espacio Proyecto - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Conjugar-Ciudad: Arte, Education y Derecho Ciudadano workshops – social activism workshops and exhibit for “La noche de los museos” Buenos Aires. 

Casa Caracol Art Residency - La Paternal, Buenos Aires
Yasi Yaguarete Native Art Festival –  coordinated and curated the art festival collaborating with 3 music projects, 11 visual artist and 6 performers.

MadArts –Brooklyn,  NY
Private Stained-glass tutor creating stained glass sculptures and collaborating with other artist of the South Slope/Sunset Park’s comunity

New York City Artist Corps Grant by NYFA and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) with support from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME)

Experience– Performances- Art Shows

RUDA at Secret Door, Brooklyn, NY

The Hypercube at 100 Sutton Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Nothing But Trouble at All Street Gallery, Manhattan, NY
Locus Amoenus: Into the 4th Dimension at Griffin Sidewalk Studio, 
David Gaffen Hall Lincoln Center , NY

Natura Sanctuarii at Lagoon, Brooklyn NY
Crystal Visuals workshop at Phase Space Brooklyn, NY

Mutual Dreams, IATI Theatre, Manhattan, NY​​​​​​​
Bark Like A Dog, Online show at Paradice Palase
Light and Shadow Rethinking Visual Spaces at Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, Bronx, NY
Solstice, Flux Factory at Governor's Island, NY
Hexafloralia at Phase Space, Brooklyn, NY
Artistas Argentinas en el Año Internacional del Vidrio at Consulate General of Argentina in NY
I Break -Experimental Video Art, as part of 59th Venice Biennale at Palazzo Bembo, Italy 
Intervención Lumínica  Geométrica Urbana, Centro Cultural Voces del Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina
La Llamada, healing arts event at Von Kings Park Amphiteatre, Brooklyn, NY
Hyperborealis at Phase Space in Collaboration with Jonathan Sims, Brooklyn, NY
Space Light: Alternate Reality of The Holocenter curated by Rita Jimenez & Patrice Scott, LIC, NY
Appreciations, 3rd Member Exhibition at Pradice Palase, Brooklyn, NY
Bushwick Open Studios at Alternative Reality Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Gowanus Night Heron, Outdoor pop-up art exhibition, Brooklyn, NY
Light Windos for the International day of light, The Holocenter NYC
Lumina, curated by Tristen Demmett, at Local Project Art Space LIC, Queens
Illusional at 7 E 14th Street Gallery, Manhattan, NY

Spira Mirabilis & Iridescent Polyhedra at Glo Downtonw, Westfield NJ
  Gift in the wound curated by Noah Phillips at Flux Factory LIC, Queens 

Eternal Flame - Online exhibition at Project Gallery V, NYC
​​​​​​Ekphrastic Fantastic - Online exhibition at Versopolis Festival, Budapest

The Hyperdimension at Bangkok biennial 2020 - cloud 9 pavilion, Thailand
Harvest Arts Festival at El Jardin del Paraiso, Manhattan NY
La 4ta dimension at Rear Vision - Madrid, Spain
Light Windows - Holocenter at Paradise Palace, NY 
Teta Pop-Up Art Show - Brooklyn, NY
 Estampa Feminista - Library of Congress of Argentina, BsAs.
November Night Festival at Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY
Space:Light at The Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY

Bushwick Open Studios at 776 Space Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Artist Talk at 440 Gallery, Brooklyn NY 
Live visuals at The Indie Street Film Festival, Red Bank, NJ
 Light art show at 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 
Free Stained-Glass workshop for the community at Phoenix Community Garden, Brooklyn, NY.
 Live visuals for Jackie Mendoza at Bowery Ballroom Manhattan, NY..
Flat Prints Sale at Paradise Palace, Brooklyn NY.
Live visuals for Jackie Mendoza album release at Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY.
  Live visuals for EEEM Festival at The Williams Center, Rutherford, NJ.
 Artist Talk at Paradise Palace Curated Cinema, Brooklyn, NY.
 Future Love curated by Gabrielle Sirkin at Modern Love Gallery, Manhattan, NY.
Dream Again, Group exhibition at The Plaxall Gallery, LIC, Queens.
 Healing and Resistance Glass installation in benefit to LGBT Center NYC 
 Light Design for Sex in Mechanicalville at Dixon Place, Manhattan, NY.

I have, hold, keep at Paradise Palace Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Live Visuals for Rainbow Fire at Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center, Inc. Brooklyn, NY.
Artist Market at Local Proyect, LIC, Queens, NY.
Live Crystal Visuals Improvisation at NYU Ab Uno Pluribus Session, NYC.
Engraving and Illustration feminist workshop at Festival Furioso, Rosario, Argentina.
Immersion Thursdays at Yapeyu CC, Boedo, BA.
 Festilux – Light and Sound Festival, Barrancas de Belgrano, BA.
 Crystal Visuals for Euglossine (FL) at Secret Project Robot, Brookyn, NY. 
 Scene Set & Live Visuals for Cabaret Revue: One night only - Trans-pecos, Brooklyn, NY 
Visuals Improvisation Performance at the Brooklyn New Music Collective, Brooklyn Conservatory, NY.
Sacred Geometry Flux-a-Thon team leader - Parade & Costume Party at The Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY
 'Locus Coeruleus' at Disorient Festival, Catskill, NY
 Stained Glass Installation at Wilder LIC Group Exhibition, Windmill Community Garden, LIC, NY
Crystal Visuals at LIGHT YEAR 34 Video Art Exhibit projected onto the Manhattan Bridge - DUMBO, Brooklyn
 HAUNTED MILL & MONSTER’S BALL The Wassaic Project Art Residency - Amenia, New York
Kermese en la dimensión Cristal – Kowalski Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.
 Ceremonia de reencuentro - Yapeyu Art Gallery - Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Luminous Flux Art Show – Upstairs Projects, Brooklyn, NY
The EMBCL at Flux Factory Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
“Dim Lit” Gallery Petite - Bushwick, NY
 Cosmic Unity – Flux Factory Gallery, Queens, NY
Visuals in Collaboration with Ulysses Popple, the Park Church Co-op – Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Sidewalk Luminous Art Intervention at Alien God Closing Reception – Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
 Performing Crystal Visuals with Eric Leiser's Puppetry at The Glove - Brooklyn, NY.

Set Design & Art Direction for Fertilindo Festival at Teatro Margarita Xirgu, Buenos Aires
Art Direction for Saudade Festival at CC Matienzo, Buenos Aires
Art Direction for Los siquicos Litoraleños at CC de la Cooperacion, Buenos Aires

  Art Installation for Live Music Show Bola Cósmica at Ale Sordi's Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Art Residency Chango Luno - Art Installation 'La caída del ave' - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Artist Talk at la Clínica de Obra Cerámica. Prof. Graciela Olio, Claudia Toro y Marie Epiney at University of Fine Arts (IUNA)- Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 Festival Art Direction for No Music/ No life skate park of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires
 Art Direction and Scenic Art Production for music video "Conexión - Los Pecera"
Art Installation for Roomers fest at Malta. Palermo, Buenos Aires
Art Installation 'Ara Divunorum' at Casa Frida’s Art Residency - Ituzaingó 
Art Installation “Mundo Acuatico” for the Circus variety at el Galpón de Tolosa – La Plata
 Art Installation 'Fruto de Bosque' at Teatro Silencio de Negras (theater) for Jardin Vivero- Buenos Aires
 Scene Set Design at Casa Sr. Duncan for Taller del Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla Buenos Aires 
Curator and Art Director of Yasi Yaguareté – Native arts festival at Casa Caracol Arts Residency - Buenos Aires 
Salvia Divinorum Art Installation " La Yemanya" at CC Mi Casa, Buenos Aires.

Art Installation “Styro-fluorency” - 10 year anniversary of the Casa de las Estrellas - La Boca, Buenos Aires
 Styro-fluorecency for music live sessions at Cultural House Rincón - Montserrat, Buenos Aires
 UV Installation Mama Cerda at Casa Trash Art Residency- Almagro, Buenos Aires
Open Studio Art Installation 'Styro-fluorecency' in collaboration with Federico Diorio - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
 Art Installation “Urban Connections” at The merging cultural center of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
 Visual Arts Exhibit 40 Languages: Techniques in Collage, “Self-portrait” at the Anti-mechanic Circuit Group Art show - La Boca, Buenos Aires

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