Collection of work inspired in Sacred Geometry shapes such as the Platonic Solids, Archimedian Solids Sierpinski's Pyramid and Fibonacci's sequence
Garden Delight 2022
Spira Mirabilis - Pradise Palace Gallery 2018
iLLUSiONAL at Chashama Union Square, 2021
Sierpinksi's - 440 Gallery 2019
Ceremonia de Reencuentro at Yapeyu, Buenos Aires, 2019
EMBCL Exhibition - Flux Factory Gallery 2018
Sierpinski's Pyramid - Modern Love Gallery 2019
Honeycomb - The Plaxall Gallery 2019
Icosahedron at Paradice Palase 2019
Wilder LIC Group Exhibition, Windmill Community Garden, LIC, NY 2019
Flux Factory - J Triangular film - LIC, NY 2017
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