Leo Kuelbs Collection Light Year 34: Transcendent Light
Manhattan Bridge, BK side
360 visuals at XIX Collective
Paradise Palace Fundraising event 2019
La Llamada, Von Kings Amphitheatre
City Artist Corps Grant
Secret Door - Brooklyn, NY
Jackie Mendoza                              Agua Viva
Visuals for Jackie Mendoza
 @Park Church Co-op, NYC 2019
Sex in Mechanicalville - Dixon Place, NYC
Abestment at Artist Space -  Performances by Patrick Holmes/Jeremiah Cymerman/Chris Williams, Shelley Hirsch
Mutual Dreams at IATI Theatre - Manhattan, NY
Secret Project Robot - Brooklyn, NYC
Visuals at H0L0 Queens, NY
November's Festival at Park Church Co-op
San Damiano Church 
Live Crystal Visuals Improvisation at NYU Ab Uno Pluribus Session, NYC.
Miss Expanding Universe
 in Collaboration with Jonathan Sims
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