Leo Kuelbs Collection Light Year 34: Transcendent Light
Manhattan Bridge, BK side
360 visuals at XIX Collective
La Llamada, Von Kings Amphitheatre - City Artist Corps Grant
Paradise Palace Fundraising event 2019
Visuals for Jackie Mendoza @Park Church Co-op, NYC 2019
Jackie Mendoza                                               Agua Viva
Sex in Mechanicalville - Dixon Place, NYC
Live Crystal Visuals Improvisation at NYU Ab Uno Pluribus Session, NYC.
Miss Expanding Universe in Collaboration with Jonathan Sims
Keiya at H0l0, BK
Secret Project Robot 2018
Agua viva @H0l0 
November's Festival at Park Church Co-op
San Damiano Church 
H0l0 Center, BK
Secret Project Robot, NYC 2018
Agua Viva's press ralease images for El refugio de la fantasia 2021
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